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Vintage Michigan Wolverine Shirts

Here is a great selection of Vintage or Retro Style Michigan Wolverine Shirts for men and women.

What is a vintage shirt?

A true vintage shirt is a shirt that is not new. It is a shirt that is at least 10-15 years old.  One of the best ways to tell if a shirt is vintage or not, is to look on the label/tag.  Inspecting the tag can determine the authenticity and when it was made.  For example, the label may tell you what type of material the shirts are made of.  Many shirts made in the 1980’s were a 50/50 polyester-cotton blend because they were softer.  Before the 1980’s and after the 1980’s, an all-cotton brand was far more common.

vintage michigan wolverine shirtsOur vintage Michigan clothing is not true vintage. It is however a stylish selection of Michigan Wolverine team’s retro logo and throwback styling.  These great fitting shirts feature distressed graphics of a previous era.  So cheer on your no.1 team in stylish and comfortable vintage-like shirts.


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