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Two Person Boating Tubes


If you like boating and tubing, combine both of them, and have some fun! Tubing is fun even by yourself but why not double the fun. Get yourself a 2 person boating tube and have the blast of a lifetime.

Tubing is great fun for the whole family, and the two person tubes are great if you want to tube with your child to give them confidence and support. They are great for two siblings or friends too. 

The tubes are inflatable so you can virtually take them anywhere with your boat.  They are made to handle the waves and turns.  Some are built for comfort with back rest support and others are made for speed and performance.  The towable tubes have solid handles to hold on to.

So when your ready for a little bit of two person fun, get one!  Order online now.  The selection is so much better than your local store.

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