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Remote Control Fish Balloon by Air Swimmer

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark and Clownfish Balloons



Air Swimmer Remote Control Shark Balloon

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Air Swimmer Remote Control Fish Balloon

Price:  *$39.99   Buy Now! 






  • Measures 57 inches long and 36 inches tall
  • Made from a durable nylon
  • Remote controlled shark and clown fish balloon for indoor use
  • Air swimmer balloons float and swim through the air just like a real fish
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries and assembly
  • Moves up, down, full 360 degrees up to 40 feet away
  • Tail fin moves right and left
  • Needs to be filled with helium.  Will stay inflated up to 2 weeks

Great fun for the office, family get togethers, kids indoor parties, Christmas and birthdays!

*Prices may vary due to availability and sales.

Once you see it in action on YouTube, you will have to buy it.

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