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Towable Tubes & Product Features

Let's Figure Out What Some of These Features Mean

Are you in the market for a towable tube for this summer season?  If you have started shopping for one of these inflatable products, you have probably come across terminology that you don't understand.  There are product features that are found on several top brand inflatable tubes and yet what do they mean?  Here is a brief description of these product features to help you with your selection of an inflatable tube or water trampoline:

1.  Neoprene knuckle guards and handles

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber.  When it covers handles and knuckle guards, you will have a more comfortable and protected grip. Generally speaking, the more riders an inflatable tube can carry, the more handles it will have. Anti-chaffing neoprene knee pads obviously protect the knees while riding a deck tube.

2.  Quick connect or E-Z Connect 

E-Z connect is a towing harness (hardware) that allows for a easy and secure hook up and better pull.



3.  Boston Value 

Boston values are a one way valve with two caps. Not only are they found on inflatable tubes but also on boats, blow up beds, floats and other water toys.  The valve lets air in, but won't let air escape unless you are actively deflating the tube.  So when inflating an inflatable tube, you can easily pop off the top cap and fill the tube up with air. It makes for quick inflation and deflation.

4.  30 guage bladder

The bladder is the inner tube of the inflatable tube.  30 guage just refers to the thickness of the bladder.

5.  840-denier nylon

840-denier nylon is a durable material that covers many inflatable tubes.  840-denier nylon will offer resistance to punctures and wear and tear.  It will extend the life of your tube to last for many seasons.

6.  PVC shell

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic widely used in inflatable tubes because it is soft and flexible.  It is also durable, cheap and easy to work with.

7.  Boarding straps

Boarding straps or boarding handles assist riders in getting back on the tube easily while in the water.

8.  Self bailing drain vent

Self bailing drain vent or self-draining floor vent allows the tube to release excess water that may collect in the depressions of the tube.

Some of my favorite inflatable tubes are Aquaglide Multi sport , Airhead and Rave.  Take a peek at these websites for some of the best rated boating tubes now!

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