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Kelsyus Pool Lounger


The Kelsyus Pool Lounger is a comfortable and durable floating lounger and ottoman.  It is made out of 100% nylon, royal blue fabric.  Float in the pool or lake with your head and trunk above the water and your legs and feet submerged under water.  This is the  perfect combination for cooling off on a summer day.

The best Floating Lounger by Kelsyus is easily stored in a compact disk.  It is so affordable that you will want to get one now while the selection is good.

Check into the Kelsysus water hammock and floating cooler too.

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Best Pool Loungers and Floating Cooler by Kelsyus

Enjoy your summer more with the Kelsyus floating lounger, hammock and cooler.  

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Kelsyus Floating Lounger


  • Durable 100% nylon fabric
  • Royal Blue Color
  • Comfortable backrest and extended ottoman
  • Legs and Feet submerged under water
  • Stored in compact disk 38" x 56"
  • Easily inflates and deflates with patented jet valve

 Price:   $37.60 with free super saver shipping


Kelsyus Water Hammock


  • Patented jet valve for instant inflation (you dont have to blow it up)
  • Quickly deflates and folds into a compact disk with side handles
  • Made from 100% nylone and fram is 50%steel and 50% PVC
  • Royal blue with yellow center
  • Dimensions:  66" x 40" open mattress
  • Perimeter keeps you afloat and mesh center allows water in to keep you cool

Price:  $20.46 with free super saver shipping


Kelsyus Floating Cooler


  • Stable and durable
  • Inflates easily
  • 12 quart capacity
  • Holds 18 cans without ice
  • Holds 12 cans with ice
  • Holds 6 cans on outer serving ring
  • Zippered pouch
  • Easy deflation and folds into carrying bag
  • Cord attaches to you or your boat

Price:  $39.95 


Large Floating Lounger with Headrest


  • Deluxe size floating hammock
  • Pillow and the sidings are filled with air
  • Made with durable nylon and polyester
  • Inner fiberglass reinforcement siding
  • Width is 38"
  • Weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Price:  $42.50 with free super saver shipping


 If you want a summer to remember by your pool, lake or river, check out these Kelsyus products. 

Buy now while the selection is good! 

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