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Michigan State Spartan License Plates

These plates will look amazing on your car and showcase the love and pride you have for your school. With their affordable prices they are a must have for any true Spartan!

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  • For parents of students who go to this wonderful school there are Mom and Dad license plates. They showcase a large ‘S’ in the middle of the plate in a radiant green which bounces off of the silver background with Mom or Dad written at the bottom.
  • Alumni and current students of the school will find the various alumni theme plates to their liking. These are displayed in bold print reading ‘Michigan State Alumni’ with green lettering and a silver background or the other way around.
  • Fans and players of Michigan State sports will love the fierce Spartan which comes in a variety of school colors. Available in many different designs, with and without text, these make a bold statement to all of the power of the mighty Spartans. There is even a zany argyle stylized license plate which reads ‘Michigan State Spartans’.
  • And for you ladies out there, there are many options to choose from like the risque zebra striped plate with a pink Spartan symbol, hearts around a Spartan symbol showing the love you have for your school, and the pink ‘S Girl’.
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