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Best 4 Person Towable Tubes

Four people can ride these inflatable tubes!

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Rave Waterboggan Towable Tube 5
  • Seating from three to six riders
  • Commercial-grade
  • Heat-welded seams
  • Durable 28-oz. PVC vinyl
  • 25″ H x 4ft W x 16.5ft L
  • Also comes in Waterboggan Towable Tube 6

BUY NOW!   Price:   $799.99 Tube 5  ( $1199.99 Tube 6)



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 If you need clarification on product descriptions, features and terminology, you may be interested in reading this article:

Towable Tubes Product Features


Buy now while the selection is good!

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Towable Tubes & Product Features

Let's Figure Out What Some of These Features Mean

Are you in the market for a towable tube for this summer season?  If you have started shopping for one of these inflatable products, you have probably come across terminology that you don't understand.  There are product features that are found on several top brand inflatable tubes and yet what do they mean?  Here is a brief description of these product features to help you with your selection of an inflatable tube or water trampoline:

1.  Neoprene knuckle guards and handles

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber.  When it covers handles and knuckle guards, you will have a more comfortable and protected grip. Generally speaking, the more riders an inflatable tube can carry, the more handles it will have. Anti-chaffing neoprene knee pads obviously protect the knees while riding a deck tube.

2.  Quick connect or E-Z Connect 

E-Z connect is a towing harness (hardware) that allows for a easy and secure hook up and better pull.



3.  Boston Value 

Boston values are a one way valve with two caps. Not only are they found on inflatable tubes but also on boats, blow up beds, floats and other water toys.  The valve lets air in, but won't let air escape unless you are actively deflating the tube.  So when inflating an inflatable tube, you can easily pop off the top cap and fill the tube up with air. It makes for quick inflation and deflation.

4.  30 guage bladder

The bladder is the inner tube of the inflatable tube.  30 guage just refers to the thickness of the bladder.

5.  840-denier nylon

840-denier nylon is a durable material that covers many inflatable tubes.  840-denier nylon will offer resistance to punctures and wear and tear.  It will extend the life of your tube to last for many seasons.

6.  PVC shell

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic widely used in inflatable tubes because it is soft and flexible.  It is also durable, cheap and easy to work with.

7.  Boarding straps

Boarding straps or boarding handles assist riders in getting back on the tube easily while in the water.

8.  Self bailing drain vent

Self bailing drain vent or self-draining floor vent allows the tube to release excess water that may collect in the depressions of the tube.

Some of my favorite inflatable tubes are Aquaglide Multi sport , Airhead and Rave.  Take a peek at these websites for some of the best rated boating tubes now!

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Two Person Boating Tubes


If you like boating and tubing, combine both of them, and have some fun! Tubing is fun even by yourself but why not double the fun. Get yourself a 2 person boating tube and have the blast of a lifetime.

Tubing is great fun for the whole family, and the two person tubes are great if you want to tube with your child to give them confidence and support. They are great for two siblings or friends too. 

The tubes are inflatable so you can virtually take them anywhere with your boat.  They are made to handle the waves and turns.  Some are built for comfort with back rest support and others are made for speed and performance.  The towable tubes have solid handles to hold on to.

So when your ready for a little bit of two person fun, get one!  Order online now.  The selection is so much better than your local store.

Check out more Airhead Inflatable Tubes.

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Best Rated – Kwik Tek G Force Inflatable Tube



The Kwik Tek G Force Inflatable Towable has an average of 5 stars (out of 5) on consumer reviews at Amazon.  Wow!  What an incredible tube for an incredible price.  Currently, you can get this towable tube for $121.49 while supplies last.

Whether you decide to ride with 3,  2 or just one rider, you're sure to enjoy lot's of summer fun on this  inflatable  towable tube by Kwik Tek.

This best rated Kwik Tek G Force Inflatable Tube has many features to offer, including:

  • 6 deluxe nylon-wrapped handles
  • Neoprene knuckle guards have a sure grip
  • Topside stabilizer fins
  • Measures 72” x 62” (deflated)
  • Heavy-duty Kwik-Connect for easy and secure hook-ups
  • Boston valve for  inflation and deflation convenience.

Don't wait any longer.  Summer only lasts a few months.  Buy a Kwik Tek G Force Towable Tube now!

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4 Person Towable Tubes


If you want to tow up to 4 people out on your boat, consider one of these bestselling 4 person towable tubes. You will have years of fun with these.

SportsStuff Great Big Mable
SportsStuff Big Bertha
Kwik Tek

These name brand water tubes are available at Amazon.  They are the highest rated 4 person towable tubes by consumers like you.

 Buy now while the selection is good!

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Best 2 Person Towable


This site has the bestselling and highest  rated 2 person towable tubes.  Prices range from $83 – $260. 



Name brands that you know and trust include:

Kwik Tek G Force
Kwik Tek Airhead
Connelly Wing
Airhead Matrix
Airhead Viper
Kwik Tek Double Dog
Chariot Warbird

Buy now while the selection is good for 2 person water tubes.  Prices do change at Amazon because of availability, discounts, and sales.

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The Best 3 Person Towable Tubes


Some 3 person towable tubes are designed for speed; others are built for safety and control in mind. Know who you are buying the tube for. For example,tubes with a cockpit seating are more comfortable for younger kids because they are more enclosed and they feel safer. A low back profile is also easier for them to board from the water and a higher front provides a better view of where they are going. Older adult riders may also prefer the cockpit style seating because of lower back support and comfort. Teenage and young adults tend to prefer  three person water  tubes that offer speed, trick and spinning ability and forwards and backwards towing.

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3 Person Towable Tubes

Shape and design do affect performance on the water for 3 person towable tubes. For instance, a wide wing span and thick front profile allows the tube to cross the wake easier. A wider front also allows weight shifts from side to side without falling off the edge.  Towable tubes that have pontoons under them offer amazing rides above the water. Tubes that have built in side wings permit you to slalom from side to side across the wake effortously. You want multi-rider  towable tubes to deliver tight turns and control across the wake.

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The Best Water Toys

Best Water Toys for the Lake, Backyard or Pool

On this site, you will view top name brands from stores you know and trust.   As consumers, we care about performance, features and cost.  Check out the products below that were rated the highest by consumer reviews.

Just click the picture or link and it will take you to the exact page that you want.


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Inflatable Water Slide
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Backyard  Water Park
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Inflatable Towable Tubes
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Water Trampolines
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Rave Trampoline Attachments (150x126)

Water Trampoline Attachments Rave
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Pool & Water Toys
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Recreation and Sports Store Online is devoted to active individuals and family members.

Make it a perfect day on the water for family and friends with these pure adrenaline pumping, action performance water toys.

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Best 1 Person Towable Tube

Best 1 Person Towable Tubes Based on Consumer Reviews!

These towable tubes can offer comfortable, stable rides or wild rides that slice across the water!

Kwik Tek Big Slice Inflatable Towable Tube
  • Easy to climb onto from the water
  • Designed for one or two riders
  • Measures 58 inches in diameter
  • 4 nylon-wrapped handles  and neoprene knuckle guards 
  • Durable 30-gauge PVC bladder and a double-stitched nylon cover
  • Reinforced tow harness and Kwik-Connect for easy hookups
  • Boston valve for fast inflating and deflating

Price $109.99




O’Brien Tow Tube, Le Tube
  • Designed for the beginner but will satisfy any water enthusiast
  • Affordable
  • Heavy duty 24 PVC tube cover with 420 nylon envelope
  • 4 soft handles with EVA knuckle guards
  • Heavy duty tow line connector hook
  • Boston valve for easy inflation and deflation

Price $69.99 with super saver shipping




O’Brien “Wake Warrior 1” Inflatable Tube
  • 26 gauge PVC bladder covered by 420D nylon hull
  • Backrest and seat
  • Quick connect tow hook
  • Boston valve for easy inflation and deflation
  • 2 handles with EVA knuckle guards
  • One year warranty

Price $118.42 with super saver shipping




Kwik Tek World Industries Breakout Towable
  • 57″ (deflated) round deck tube
  • Durable PVC bladder cover by double stitched nylon cover
  • Easy to climb onto from the water
  • 4 deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • Boston valve for quick inflating and deflating
  • Designed for 1 adult or 2 kids

Price $75 with super saver shipping

 BUY NOW!       

Buy Now while the selection is good!


If you want a summer to remember out on your boat, consider one of these bestselling 1 person towable tubes.  *Prices may vary due to a discount or promotion on 1 person towable tubes at Amazon and The House.

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