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Choosing the Right Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier

Pick the Best Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier

Rage Powersports CSBG-48 Hitch Cargo Carrier Rack BagIt’s a common fact that when people want to go on vacation or camping, the vehicle may not be big enough to accommodate all their baggage, so they result to hitch cargo carriers.

Trailer hitch cargo carriers comprise of a platform with a tongue that is secured to a vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver.

Trailer hitch cargo carriers are perfect for hauling extra gear on road trips, but when choosing the best fit for your vehicle, there’re many things to consider.


Know the Type of Hitch you have

When it comes to hitching up a trailer cargo carrier, first, you have to confirm that your vehicle has a hitch, if so; determine the type and class it is. If your vehicle doesn’t already have a hitch mounted, then you need to buy a hitch that’s right for your particular type of vehicle and needs.


Realize the Weight of the Cargo you’re Transporting

Maxxhaul Hitch Cargo CarrierHitching up cargo, you must not overlook the weight capacity and the hitch class; don’t just assume that every hitch class can carry that load. Pushing the weight capacity on your trailer and ill-fitting it with a low-quality hitch class can only cause a problem to you. To avoid this, be sure that the weight of the cargo is accommodated by the weight capacity of the hitch carrier.


Trailer Hitch Class Ratings

Trailer hitches are known by class rating based on their maximum weight capacity and receiver opening size.

The classes range from Class I to Class V. Class I has the lowest capacity, 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ opening while Class V has the highest capacity of a 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ opening.

CLASS I Hitch – Built only for 2,000 pounds of gross trailer weight, with 200 pounds at the tongue.Class I is the lightest hitch type and is usually used on a small car, minivan or truck.

CLASS II Hitch – This Hitch can carry a weight up to 3,500 pounds, with 350 pounds max at the tongue. The class works well when attached to a mid-size car, minivan, and pickup.

CLASS III Hitch – This class can pull up to 5,000 pounds total trailer weight, and 500 pounds tongue weight. It’s perfect for Car, full-size Pickup, van, and SUV.

CLASS IV Hitch – Built to carry up to a 10,000-pound capacity, and with1,000 – 1,200 pounds at the tongue. For a full-size pickup, van, or SUV.

CLASS V Hitch – Is to carry extra heavy loads, above 10,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds tongue weight. Class V hitch is right for towing a car, camping trailer, extra large boat or horse trailer. Works well when attached to a full-size truck, van, or SUV.


Consider How Often You Will Be Using the Hitch Cargo Carrier

Hitching cargo can be an occasional thing like going for camping or vacation with the family; it can also be a recurring task depending on the work you do. Choosing the right hitch cargo carrier means taking your needs into consideration and making sure to buy the perfect one for that purpose.

Whatever you’re hauling, know the weight of your load, the frequency of your hauling and which hitch class that will work best for you.


ROLA #59502 2-pieceOnce you decide on the right hitch cargo carrier for your car or truck, consider buying a cargo carrier bag.  These bags are relatively inexpensive and protect your gear from the elements.

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Predictions for the 2015 New England Patriots Season

The New England Patriots are 5-0 this year and looking to do what they did in 2007 when they went undefeated in the regular season. Is that manageable though? We are going to take a look at the schedule for the Patriots and see where there could be some pitfalls and where they could shine.

The next game the Patriots play is against division foe, the New York Jets. This is going to be a tough test but I think they come out of this game 6-0, considering their offense will put up the most points the Jets have seen this year.

I think the next game could be where the Patriots get tripped up. While the Miami Dolphins are only 2-3 this season, they now have new life with a new head coach. They played like they were a top 5 team in the league last week and I think they will be ready to play the Patriots in week 8. I think this is where the Patriots will lose their first game this season.

After losing to the Dolphins I think this lights a fire underneath Tom Brady and the rest of the team. They are going to want revenge on the league and I think that is exactly what will happen.

The next three games are against the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and Denver Broncos. I don’t see there being a problem with any of these teams. If fact, I see Brady absolutely lighting the place up.

The Philadelphia Eagles would be the next team and that could be a difficult matchup. I think the Patriots pull this one out but I think it is going to be closer than New England Patriots. They play the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans. The Patriots go into those games and absolutely dominate their opponent. That brings us to the final two games of the season.

The final two games for the Patriots are both on the road against the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. By this time I think the Patriots are going to rest some starters because they will have the No. 1 seed locked up in the AFC.

The Patriots will come into these two games hoping to win but not needing to win. I think they fall to the Jets but then rebound the next week and beat the Dolphins.

This would have the Patriots finishing the season with a 14-2 record and in the drivers season in the playoffs.

Support the New England Patriots with team apparel such as sweatshirts and hoodies.

For more information, view:

new england patriots zipper hoodie

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What you Need to Know About Bubble Soccer Suits

Playing bubble soccer with friends is great fun especially on the outdoor. Many people have had the interest of playing bubble soccer since its invention in 2008.In order for you to play the bubble soccer; you need an inflatable bubble suit, a bubble football and other relevant equipment. If you’ve never played this type of soccer before, then you need to buy the bubble soccer equipment online or in the available local stores for you to enjoy the game. However, before purchasing any bubble soccer suit, there are a number of things you might need to keep in mind. Here are some important factors to consider when buying bubble soccer suits:

The Size of the Bubble Soccer Suit

When playing the crazy bubble soccer, you need to be on a suit that is reasonable enough to allow you to run around and tackle other players with ease. Before purchasing a bubble soccer suit, consider finding an ideal size relevant to your body size. The inflatable soccer suits come in different sizes and you have a wide range of selection to choose from. Measure your body size and compare it with an inflated soccer suit to find out whether the two are compatible. If you are purchasing the suit locally, then it can be easy for you to test the suit when it is inflated. If you are purchasing from an online-based store, ensure you check the dimensions of the soccer suit that will fit on your body your body perfectly before placing an order.

Price of the Bubble Soccer Suit

Though the soccer suits are designed to serve the same purpose, they come in different brands and their prices vary greatly. The prices largely depend on the design, the size and the material used in making it. Before buying any soccer football from an online store, take your time to compare the prices of the different soccer suits in the different online-based bubble soccer equipment stores to identify one selling at the cheapest price.

Ability and Stability

You might be buying soccer suits for your kids and as such you need to put yourself in their shoes. Buying an oversize soccer suit for your kid might make playing difficult as the kid might not be able to tackle other players properly and maintaining control of the inflatable soccer suit might be challenging as well. When shopping for kid soccer suits, ensure you select soccer suits from the kids¡¯ soccer suits category in any online based or local store. In the kids¡¯ bubble soccer section, you can get the most ideal suit for your kid and you will use the least amount of money and time when shopping for the bubble soccer suit.

The Type of Pump That Comes With the Inflatable Bubble Soccer Suit

Playing with an inflatable soccer suit might be fun, but the most challenging part can be when inflating the soccer suit. As such, you need to buy a soccer suit that comes with a pump that is easy to use. Electric air pumps can be great for inflating any size of bubble soccer suit because it is fast when inflating and also easy to use. If bubble soccer suits that come with electric pumps tend to be expensive, then you might need to consider bubble soccer suits that come with manual pumps. But electric pumps for bubble soccer suits are far much better than manual air pumps because of their ease of use.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for soccer suits is that you need to find an ideal size and type of soccer suit at a convenient price. Thus comparing among the available brands of bubble soccer suits in the different stores can help you find the best bubble soccer suit for yourself or your kid. Shopping online for a perfect bubble soccer suit might be ideal because you can make an order from your home and you can get the suit delivered to you right on time for you to use it.


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The painful ways the New York Yankees have been managed over the past few years is finally going to catch up with them.  The Yankees, who have made a business out of signing players on the wrong side 30, have managed to still field a competitive team.  Now with Derek Jeter out of the picture the Yankees are as old as ever and their roster is filled with a bunch of over paid athletes who are well past their prime.  This willingness to overpay free agents namely aging ones like Carlos Beltran, Chase Headley and Chris Capuano while failing to develop their farm system has finally caught up them, in the most predictable drop-off in recent history.

Yankee jerseyIt’s difficult to criticize the most successful franchise is sports history, but what Brian Cashman has done would have even George Steinbrenner turning in his grave.  The veteran presence established and over paid for, is far from a contender this year this team is hurting on both sides of the ball.  The 2015 season, really hasn’t gotten off to that bad of a start.   A-rod is swinging a good bat, Masahiro Tanaka’s velocity has remained intact through two starts, and the team is as healthy as it’s going to be all season.  You can find great seats to catch the excitement at :

Pitching will likely be an issue all year as the Yankees top pitchers on paper, C.C. Sabathia, Michael Pineda and Tanaka all look sluggish and are clearly injury concerns.  The Yanks will be fortunate to get a combined 60 starts from all three.   The bullpen is a mess as Dellin Betances has looked terrible since spring training and Andrew Miller has taken over the closing roll.  The only two lefties in the bullpen are Miller and Justin Wilson, which significantly handcuffs how Joe Girardi  can manage his RPs.  Having Miller close is not ideal and his stuff better suits him for middle relief and Wilson has failed to impress.  If the Yankees are going make any type of move, their pitching has to stay healthy.

On the offensive side of the ball, you know you are in a bad spot if Did Gregarious is leading your youth movement.  With all of their notable stars like Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Garrett Jones and their entire OF on the back nine of their careers this team is lacking any type of raw athleticism and appears to simply be playing out their ginormous contracts.   The team lacks power, but the new ballpark is hitter friendly.  The team has speed, but it also has a roster of players who have little history playing small ball…  Can you imagine Mark Teixeira bunting over Jacoby Ellsbury to manufacture a single run?  Neither can they.

It appears that Joe Girardi is in over his head this season which is likely going to be his last, but all is not completely lost.  There’s still the FA market with several high dollar players hitting the market in October.  Acquiring talent at the trade deadline may not help this season, but could pay the bills next season.  The franchise after all has an entire city to carry on its back, so you know they will bounce back and the only thing Yankees fans want to know is when?






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Hot Tubs-What To Consider When Buying One

Now that it looks like spring is well and truly here and we’re getting some wonderful sunny days, many people will be considering improving their garden and investing in a hot tub. Hot tubs are an item more and more people are acquiring as their popularity increases over the years, and if it’s something you haven’t tried for yourself yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Of course, as with any major purchase there is no point in just buying the first one you set eyes on; you need to carefully consider one or two points before you make your mind up.

What Model Will You Buy?

VitaSpaWhilst there’s a whole host of different models of hot tub on the market, we’ve always been convinced by the range on offer from Vita Spa Hot Tubs. These Arizonian manufactured hot tubs come at a great price point, whilst still retaining a great feature set and offering an overall great value for money product.


Where Will You Put It?

First of all, decide where you are going to locate your new hot tub. Obviously the size of your garden will play a part in the size you choose but you can get some really compact models that don’t need a lot of space. As long as you’ve got a flat area or base to stand it on and a power supply close by you should be ok.

How Many People Will It Be For?

Think about how many people you want your new hot tub to accommodate. Do you have a large family who visit regularly? Will it cause problems or arguments if everyone can’t fit in at once? If you had a basic smaller model in mind then take a look at upgrading to the next size. You can actually get twice as many seats for very little extra cost and you’ll find it far more versatile.

Consider Buying A Few Accessories

Think about adding a few extras to your hot tub. Perhaps go for a better insulated cover that will preserve more heat. How about a tray that fixes to the side of the tub and can swing out of the way to hold things such as a drink or your mobile? These are all things to consider to make sure you end up with the correct hot tub for your needs. We found a great range over at which literally covers every need! Above all else, buying a hot tub should be fun and, once it’s installed, you’ll be wanting to use it each and every day to get the most out of it!

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Islamorada Fishing

Call the Sport Fishing Capital of the World home and never dock empty-handed-
Islamorada is the best spot worldwide for fighting fish like Wahoo, Amberjack, and Sailfish.
The warm Gulf Stream waters sustain a vast array of sea life, from plankton
and tiny shrimp to Goliath Grouper and spiny lobster. Many larger species are
drawn by schools of spawning grunt, grouper, and snapper each spring—you’ll
find sharks around the reefs and wrecks the juvenile fish call home. For the
best fishing in the Florida Keys, even the best fishing in the world, Islamorada
is the place to be.

A boat is the quintessential Keys luxury item—so much so it’s almost
a necessity. Public marinas simplify launching, and bait and tackle shops are
the best places for tips on what’s biting, and where. Whether you want
to fish the flats in a bass boat or troll for sharks in air-conditioned luxury,
you’ll find the right boat on Islamorada. For those traveling through
or who don’t want the hassle and expense of maintenance, Islamorada is
home to a large and very experienced fleet of charters ready to show you the
fish (and the ropes, if necessary). These captains are often Florida Keys natives,
and know the waters and the fish well enough that they can virtually guarantee
you an afternoon of action and an evening meal of fresh fish.

Of course, everything has a season. Anglers who prefer the hot summer months
(May through September) should look for Marlin and Dolphin, also known as Mahi
Mahi. The cooler months bring more fish in higher quantities, though, so there’s
reason to don a light sweater (it’s never really cold in the Keys, just
windy) and head offshore. Big game fish—Tuna, Cobia, Kingfish, and Sailfish—prefer
the span from November to late April, while Wahoo hit hardest between March
and May. In the backcountry flats, Permit, Bonefish, and Snook school especially
heavily from February to May, and return briefly during September and October.
Barracuda and snapper varieties hardly ever leave the Keys waters, so you’re
likely to run into them whenever, and wherever, you troll.

Fierce competitors enjoy participating in the dozens of fishing tournaments
held off the beaches of Islamorada, which hosts the highest concentration of
fishing tournaments in the U.S., especially those targeting Sailfish. There
are five tournaments in both June and December, four in January, and ten more
spread throughout the rest of the year. Compete against the world’s top
anglers—and sporting celebrities—for record Dolphin, Tarpon, Bonefish,
Sailfish, and more. Competitions range from World Cup to junior angler, with
prizes ranging from rings to cash to fame and glory.

The Florida Keys Lobster Mini-Season is one of the busiest times of the year,
and for good reason. These delicious little critters are open for capture every
year on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July, beginning at 12:01
a.m. Wednesday and ending midnight Thursday. Fill your bag and enjoy them at
home, or take them to a local restaurant—most will prepare your catch
of the day to your liking.

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Bodyboarding for Beginners

Bodyboarding is a type of ocean surfing which has developed from surfing, involving a series of aerial tricks and high-speed maneuvers while lying on a board similar to the surfboard. Unlike it, the bodyboard is more compact in length and wider in width, to allow the users to comfortably rest their abdomen on it.

Positioning Yourself

bodyboarding_imageThe standard bodyboarding position is on one’s belly, with the tail of the board reaching the lower abdominal area, chest uplifted, one hand on the nose of the board and the other on its rail, or side, for better control of the movements. In addition to this, some bodyboarders will also use swim fins, for a better maneuverability.

Take it Step by Step

– Before jumping into the water, beginners should practice the basic position on the beach, lying on the sand.

– At the water’s edge, attach the Velcro board leash to your upper arm, then, at waist-deep water, extend your legs in order to jump forward while aligning your chest over the top of the board, begin kicking your feet and paddle either with both hands, while applying pressure on the nose of the board for balance, or with only one hand.

– Keep your feet below water surface to get more speed and, as you approach a breaking wave, press the nose of the board under the water while pressing your knee on the tail, and dive with your board under the wave, kicking continuously until the wave has passed, thus performing a duck dive.

Catching a Wave

In order to catch a wave, choose one that is appropriate for your level of experience, then turn towards the beach and begin kicking to pick up speed, which will help you get propelled forward. Lightly press down on the nose of the board for extra speed, taking care not to flip over and practice gliding towards the beach until you have mastered this and can move on to ‘running a trim line’, which means riding the wave to the left or right side, in the direction that it is breaking.

If you are going to the left, for example, grab the rail with your left hand and the nose with your right hand, pull your body up and arch your back with you head high, pulling the side of the board with your left hand in order to make the board dig into the wave.

Once these two techniques have been mastered, you can move on to more complex ones and begin attempting flips and other tricks but always remember safety, make sure you are a good swimmer and body board close to a lifeguard station.

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Team of Dreams






Team of Dreams by Inspiring Hope Productions is an ambitious project to replace the current Olympic Team USA model of using professional basketball players to represent Team USA in the upcoming Rio Olympics.

This project comes from two inspired ideas. First that the United States needs some hope and unity at this time in her history, second there are better basketball players on the streets of American than are playing in the NBA. Finding those players and molding them into Team USA for the Rio Olympics is the vision for Team of Dreams. are teaming up with Inspiring Hope to create this reality TV show, that will showcase the city by city open try outs, the completion to find the very best players.

We desire to have a reality TV show that will introduce America to some of the best basketball players never seen, we will learn about these players. We will get to know them, we will see them as they strive to be the best they can be. NBA stars, and coaches, past and present, will be a part of the show as mentors helping the players be the best they can be.

America will get to know these players, watch them compete, learn where they come from, what challenges they have had in their life. We will see players getting cut from the team, and others achieving their potential. Imagine American Idol, but instead of singers we have basketball players competing to represent the United States in the Rio Olympics. These are players from the streets of American cities, who have been denied, overlooked, and outcast. Players with great talent and potential, who have not had the chance to be all that they can be.

Team of Dreams is the vehicle that these players have been waiting for. A chance to play their passion with the best in the world, a chance to show what they are made of and bring home the Gold of the United States of America.

Find out more and support this project at



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Spinnerbaits are Versatile Reaction Baits



Spinnerbaits are versatile and useful throughout the whole year. In fact, many professional tournaments have been won using spinnerbaits. Spinnerbaits come in all colors and weights. There are also several types of blades that can be used on these lures for different applications.

spinner_bait_fishing_lureSpinnerbaits are reaction baits. They are meant to mimic the flash of bait fish. They come in a variety of colors, but some anglers simplify their color selection to either black or white. Chartreuse highlights are very popular on white spinnerbait skirts.

The basic rule of thumb with these baits is the same as with other lures in an angler’s tackle box. The clearer the water, the more natural colors an angler will want to use. Dark water is good for brighter or colors or highlights, just as with many other
fishing lures.

The weight of spinnerbait an angler selects may change with the depth of the water he or she wishes to fish. If an angler is looking to slow roll the bait across the bottom, and the water he or she is fishing is fairly deep, that will necessitate a heavier weighted spinnerbait. Heavier weights can also help increase the profile size of the bait, as will the comparatively larger skirts that often accompany a heavier bait.

The biggest difference from on spinnerbait to the next is arguably the blade. There are many different sizes and shapes of spinnerbait blades. The three most common types of spinnerbait blades are the willow leaf, the Colorado blade, and the Indiana blade. All of these blades come in various sizes. They can be used singly, or in tandem with another blade of the same shape, or even of a different shape, depending on the application.

Willow Leaf Blade

australianbass002The willow leaf blade is long and slender. They give off a large amount of flash and are very visible in the water from the side. They are most often used for a fast retrieve and are highly snag resistant. This makes them a good choice for throwing around cover and vegetation. They are more streamlined in the water than other blade shapes, making for low vibration frequency but high sound frequency.

Colorado Blade

The Colorado blade is on the other end of the spectrum. This blade is almost round. It rotates slowly and is best for slower retrieves. If an angler tries to reel a spinnerbait with Colorado blades too quickly, it will tend to “roll over”, or run on it’s side. However, this blade does give off the most vibration of the three blades listed here, which may be advantageous in dark or murky water. Anglers should keep in mind, though, that these blades do not do well where there are many snags and hang ups. They are not very snag resistant. These blades are more about vibration than flash.

Indiana Blade

The Indiana blade is really the “middle of the road” blade between the Willow leaf and the Colorado blade. It is best retrieved with a medium speed. The blades have more of a flash and vibrate more than the Colorado blade, but are not as streamlined as the Willow leaf shape. They are somewhat snag resistant, and an accurate-casting angler can use them successfully around cover. They are fairly visible in the water with a medium sound frequency.

Within each different shape of blade, there are many variations. There are colored blades for spinnerbaits in most any color used in fishing. There are also dimpled blades in metallic colors such as silver and gold. These offer a bit more flash, and also displace water a bit differently than their smooth counterparts.

Spinnerbaits and Trailers

Spinnerbaits can be thrown with or without trailers. When using a grub or other curly-tailed trailer, however, it is important to thread the trailer straight and with the curl of the tail opposite of the curve of the hook. Most tournament anglers also attach a trailer hook to the back of a spinnerbait. This helps them hook more fish that may be short-striking or coming off before an angler gets the fish to the boat.

Because spinnerbaits are so versatile, they are a great choice in many different situations. By experimenting with different retrieves, colors and blade combinations, anglers can find the perfect bait to bring about that massive strike.

An Article by Ultimate Fishing (

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Modern Tailgate Parties in Michigan

foot ball picture 2Tailgate parties in Michigan are hugely popular these days and occur in the parking lots at high school, college and professional sporting events. They also occur at concerts. Everyone is already in the mood to party so they bring their food, drink and friends.

In years past people enjoyed neighborhood parties and picnicking in the local park. Somehow the party goers don’t seem to miss the backyard fences, the lakes, the grass or the shade offered by trees. The cars just line up close to each other and use their tailgates as picnic and buffet tables.

People who enjoy tailgating all the time have themselves organized with precision. They have packs prepared in advance so they can just “grab and go”. They’ve packed up plastic plates, cups and utensils, sun screen and bug repellant, blankets, tablecloths and napkins, aprons, condiments, trash bags, hats, shirts and padded seats for the bleachers.

They have special coolers and insulated containers set aside for perishable food and drinks. Some people have elaborate meals planned that require cooking and therefore come prepared with a barbeque and all the needed accessories to keep the flame burning.

Tailgaters usually prepare their favorite picnic type foods which include hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, potato salad, deviled eggs, cookies and brownies.  Others go to more trouble and bring Tex-Mex beans, nachos, chili, chicken and cornbread.  And they don’t forget the chips, any kind will do. The favorite beverage has always been beer but of course you need to bring plenty of soft drinks and water, as everyone has their limit.

Michigan is a great state for college football.  You will find many tailgate parties going on every Saturday in the fall at our college campuses.  Alumni, students and fans crowd together on our MSU, WMU, U of M and CMU campus parking lots.



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