Rock Climbing in Istria

The Istria region is the second finest  climbing region in Croatia following Paklenica National park. There is about 700 sport routes all around Buzet, Porec and Pula. Nearby there is additionally an outstanding rock at Osp in Slovenia, and further climbing spots around Trieste in Italy.

istria_rock_climb_photoThis well-known part of Croatia has a great mixture of grades to fit mountain climbers of all capabilities. About one quarter of the Istrian region is forested and the rest is covered with vineyards, olive plants, meadows and groves. The rolling hills are covered with walled hill towns (like Hum, Motovun and Buzet) that offer amazing sights of the countryside.

Golden Cape is among the most attractive and biggest protected  forests in this part of Europe,  well known the worldwide meeting point of  mountain climbers. On the high cliffs soaring from the  coastline there are several rock climbing routes, primarily simpler and appropriate for newbies. There is likewise an organized climbing school under the assistance of expert climbers. Along with Paklenica, Golden Cape is the most popular rock-climbing place in Croatia with an Outdoor centre organized at the entrance.

In the proximity of the leftovers of Dvigrad, one of the most popular Istrian ancient towns that is settled in the inner part of Limska draga, which was deserted in the 17th century, is a rock-climbing site with more than rock climbing paths. The most challenging and tough route known as “Malvasia” was only climbed by the famous Italian climber Maurizio Zanolla twenty years ago.

Underneath the slopes of Mt. Ucka, in the northern Istria, is located the canyon Vranjska draga with the most impressive spired rocks, a must for every rock-climbing fanatic. This one-of-a-kind climbing spot has around 50 climbing routes. The most desirable and remarkable crag is the 100-metre-high Great Tower  — 100% natural miracle that will certainly thrill even those who are not so passionate about rock-climbing.

The most sought  rock climbing spots in Istria are typically located in the proximity of the coastline, enabling you to enjoy spectacular views of the deep blue Adriatic sea as you scale the cliff. In addition to the gorgeous unscathed countryside increasingly more cherished by free mountain climbers, the rocks generally face the south, making it possible for mountaineers to be dressed in short sleeves even in winter season.

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