Electric Scooters – What to consider when buying one for your child

Razore 200Trying to find the best electric scooters for kids can be very difficult. With the introduction of hoverboards, electrified personal transportation devices have become very popular this year. This craze is expected to last well into next year. Because kid’s electric scooters have just entered the market, I thought I’d explain what to look out for when buying your first scooter.

It is important to consider the battery of the electric scooter. The battery will have an effect on the top speed, the range and the longevity of your electric scooter. Typically, a scooter for kids will have a top speed of around 40 kilometers per hour, which is still very fast compared to a hoverboard which has a top speed of around 20 kilometers per hour. Electric unicycles fall between these two speeds.

The range of the electric scooter also varies. Scooters that come with a powerful Samsung battery tend to last up to 40 minutes of continual riding, which is around 16km. This is more than enough for most children. It is important to charge the electric scooter after use, even if it doesn’t need charged as this will help the battery life and will keep it in tip top shape. If you didn’t use your scooter for 2 to 3 months, the battery has been known to die and you will need to buy a replacement.

Safety should be of paramount importance when you are deciding which electric scooter to buy. You will want to buy one which offers the child a good grip, so make sure the standing area has tough grip pad. It may be useful to have an electric scooter with an audible alarm which will sound when the battery of the scooter becomes low. There has been cases where the scooter stops immediately when it runs out of battery, throwing the user from the electric scooter causing serious injuries. So make sure you buy your child knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet, prior to use. You may also wish to consider stabilising wheels which will also reduce accidents.


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