Rock Climbing in Istria

The Istria region is the second finest  climbing region in Croatia following Paklenica National park. There is about 700 sport routes all around Buzet, Porec and Pula. Nearby there is additionally an outstanding rock at Osp in Slovenia, and further climbing spots around Trieste in Italy.

istria_rock_climb_photoThis well-known part of Croatia has a great mixture of grades to fit mountain climbers of all capabilities. About one quarter of the Istrian region is forested and the rest is covered with vineyards, olive plants, meadows and groves. The rolling hills are covered with walled hill towns (like Hum, Motovun and Buzet) that offer amazing sights of the countryside.

Golden Cape is among the most attractive and biggest protected  forests in this part of Europe,  well known the worldwide meeting point of  mountain climbers. On the high cliffs soaring from the  coastline there are several rock climbing routes, primarily simpler and appropriate for newbies. There is likewise an organized climbing school under the assistance of expert climbers. Along with Paklenica, Golden Cape is the most popular rock-climbing place in Croatia with an Outdoor centre organized at the entrance.

In the proximity of the leftovers of Dvigrad, one of the most popular Istrian ancient towns that is settled in the inner part of Limska draga, which was deserted in the 17th century, is a rock-climbing site with more than rock climbing paths. The most challenging and tough route known as “Malvasia” was only climbed by the famous Italian climber Maurizio Zanolla twenty years ago.

Underneath the slopes of Mt. Ucka, in the northern Istria, is located the canyon Vranjska draga with the most impressive spired rocks, a must for every rock-climbing fanatic. This one-of-a-kind climbing spot has around 50 climbing routes. The most desirable and remarkable crag is the 100-metre-high Great Tower  — 100% natural miracle that will certainly thrill even those who are not so passionate about rock-climbing.

The most sought  rock climbing spots in Istria are typically located in the proximity of the coastline, enabling you to enjoy spectacular views of the deep blue Adriatic sea as you scale the cliff. In addition to the gorgeous unscathed countryside increasingly more cherished by free mountain climbers, the rocks generally face the south, making it possible for mountaineers to be dressed in short sleeves even in winter season.

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Improve Cellular and Wireless Connections with weBoost

Weboost Signal Booster

Have you been on your phone, desperately needing stronger connection – whether for business or an important conversation with a friend or a loved one? We all have suffered from the symptom, known as the now so-called cliché, “bad connection”.

weBoost cell signalWell, there’s a solution on the horizon and it’s known as the weBoost signal booster. The company has emerged earlier this year, but is in fact, a successor of a well-known cell signal booster manufacturer, known as Wilson Electronics. Weboost aims to help us stay connected at all times, regardless of the location – home, office or even on the go.

Boost Cell Signal

What weBoost amplifiers do, is boost cell signal so it can provide a consistent and more reliable connection and communication, when it comes to both voice and data. This means easier sharing, texting and staying connected. With weBoost boosters, one can greatly improve and enhance the wireless communication and take advantage of the stronger and more reliable cellular signals. Their boosters are easy to install and come with various features and properties, tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Essentially they improve our daily experience with wireless communication – transmitting and receiving data and voice has never been easier!

Leader in Cellular Signal Boosters

As already mentioned, weBoost might look like a new name on the market, but it has a long history of being a leader in the world of cellular signal boosters. With quite a few awards behind them, weBoost has proudly announced itself as the finalist in the Cedia’s 2012 Best New Product, as well as winners of the 2011 Connected World awards. This is largely due to their passion and dedication, as well as excellent customer support and intuitive cell signal boosters that won’t take longer than a few minutes to install. The results are, however, always amazing and you can be sure that weBoost won’t compromise quality for anything.


WeBoost also features antennas and additional accessories you can check out. In-building antennas come in various shapes and sizes (as well as frequencies), so you can choose the most suitable option for you. For your convenience, they also offer mobile antennas. As far as accessories are concerned, there is really nothing to worry about – from cables, through connectors and lightning protection, up to mounts, splitters and taps, weBoost shop really has it all. Check out their FAQ and get in touch with their customer service to see what else you might need to boost your signal and start enjoying your new enhanced wireless and cellular signal!

Weboost Blog

What’s particularly great about weBoost (apart from their products and devotion to quality and customer satisfaction, of course), is the blog, featured on their website. Many companies forget how confusing it can be for a first-time customer or someone who is not particularly good with technology to get on track with these things. To help you ease into the world of cellular signal boosters, weBoost features an informative and engaging blog, including some very exciting articles such as how to extend your cell phone range in the middle of nowhere. They even have a “beginners” blog, explaining in details how cell phone boosters work! Other than that, they publish interesting pieces on various topics on a regular basis. Things such as getting better cell phone reception, or comparison between different products, as well as introductions of recent technologies and technological advances – it’s all there for you to read and get excited about.

Weboost has a Boat, Car, Truck and RV series great for the outdoor enthusiast. For more information on weBoost, read more at  .

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Salt Water vs Chlorine Water Swimming Pools: Pros and Cons

Many gym owners, if they have the space, add a swimming pool to their facility. Since the summer is the best time to swim, a pool is ideal for people who want to do more than work out only on machinegym_pool_saltwater_swimming_pools.  If you are considering adding a pool or working out in a pool more, you should compare the pros and cons of salt water vs. chlorine water.s

While swimming can be fun, it is also important to note that a pool can dry our skin, hair and cause allergies. From making sure the pool is cleaned out before people jump into it, to making sure everyone who attends a swimming pool is safe and free from any type of injury, there is a lot for swimming pool owners to think about before adding a pool to their facility. One of the things to think about is how to keep the swimming pool clean at all times; including, the type of chemicals that should be used to clean the pool.

This said, in recent years, saltwater pools have become increasingly popular in many gyms today. This is because owners are looking for viable alternatives to protect their pools instead of using harsh chemicals like chlorine. Though chlorine is highly recommended and effective for disinfecting the pool, it is still quite costly to pay for when it is needed.

Another problem with chlorine being placed in the pool is the irritation that it may cause to the skin of those who have problems with their skin being too sensitive. Therefore, when a manager has an opportunity to choose another swimming pooling cleaning solution, they will most likely jump at the chance. Pool owners, who would like to know about saltwater vs chlorine solutions, should read the information listed below.

Pros of Saltwater Pools

  • Low Chlorine Levels – Typically, the water that’s contained in saltwater pools have much less chlorine in them, especially when they are compared to the traditional pools.
  • Less Harsh on the Swimmer’s Skin – Saltwater causes less damage to the skin. This is much better for people who suffer with various kinds of allergies.
  • Low Salt Levels – Because of the low content of salt in these pools, it will not irritate the swimmer’s eyes even when they are underwater. In fact, saltwater is known for also keeping the skin smooth and soft.
  • Less Maintenance – Traditionally, saltwater pools require much less maintenance for the pool owner. This means, you will not only save time but also money.

Cons of Saltwater Pools

  • Installation Expense – Though there are many benefits to owning a saltwater pool, there are some drawbacks too. One downside is the expense involved in its installation since it is more costly when compared to the traditional pool. However, it is also important to note that once the pool has been installed, the owner does not pay out the costly expenses involve in maintaining a chlorine pool.
  • Wear and Tear – Another drawback to owning this kind of pool is the extra wear that is caused by the salt. The salt in the pool causes damage to the pools accessories and other pool parts. This means, this is a factor that must be considered very closely prior to making an expensive investment.
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